ADD/ADHD Online Counseling For Kids

ADD/ADHD Online Counseling For Kids

Do You or Your Child Feel life Is Just Too Hard?

Do you struggle to get your child out of bed and ready for school? Maybe they don’t like school and want to stay home. You try talking to them calmly, but they just cry and yell. They may have trouble using words, which makes it hard for you to understand them. Perhaps they feel like no one understands them—they complain that they’re “different” and can’t seem to make friends. Their teachers may label them troublemakers or daydreamers because of their inability to sit still or focus.

Kids with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often feel like they just aren’t good enough, like they’re incapable of pleasing anyone or doing anything right. Your child may be disorganized, easily distracted and unable to follow instructions. The good news is you and your child are not alone—there are 6.1million children in the United States living with ADD. Many of these same children feel misunderstood, both at school and in their relationships. They may need additional support in life.

Over time, the inability to use words, focus and believe in themselves may lead to greater struggles in school and in relationships. If you feel frustrated and don’t know how to help your child, I encourage you to reach out to me. ADD/ADHD in children is a challenge so many parents face and no one should face it alone. ADD is a very common neurological problem that affects a child’s behavior and ability to learn.

How Would It Feel to See Your Child Happy Again?

Imagine getting your youngster out of bed and ready for school and there is no yelling or crying. They are excited about going to see their teacher and classmates. Your child is feeling happy, fitting in with his peers and doing well in school. They don’t feel “different” or alone in the world anymore. Their teachers understand they struggle with ADD/ADHD and know they need a little extra support. Accommodations have been made that enable your child to flourish academically.

As a result, you feel calm and at peace. You now have a step by step plan to help them adapt to ADD in their everyday life. What’s more, your child has less meltdowns—you’ve learned how to defuse a difficult situation before the meltdown begins. There is happiness and laughter in your family once again. If you want this life to be yours, I would be honored to help you get started.

Play Therapy Can Help Children With ADD/ADHD Thrive

 If you feel like you’ve done everything in your power to help your child, but they’re still having the same struggles day after day, online child counseling can offer both of you support. Working together, we can boost your child’s self-esteem, teach them how to adapt and build a comprehensive plan to help them thrive academically and socially.

Most importantly, I want you to know your child is not their diagnosis. Rather than viewing all their problems in the light of ADD/ADHD, therapy is a matter of addressing your child’s strengths and weaknesses and helping them find joy through play. And they can do so here, right in online Play Therapy-in therapy they will be able to play with toys, fidgets, games, Play-Doh and do artwork. In online Play Therapy I bring the playroom to them by providing a Play Therapy bag for each child. The bag is filled with art supplies, toys, fidgets, books and other surprises. Each week I will plan different activities that will include different supplies from your child’s bag. I know children with ADD often have trouble expressing themselves and need lots of sensory input to keep them calm. That’s why Client–Centered Play Therapy is so integral to my approach. 

In the beginning, you and I will meet to discuss your child’s challenges. We will develop a plan targeting specific needs your child has in the school and at home. Often times, we can work directly with the school to create a 504 plan on behalf of your child. This will detail any accommodations they need in school. For instance, maybe they require extra time on tests or need to sit next to a teacher to focus. The 504 plan will personalize their learning experience so that ADD/ADHD doesn’t negatively impact their schooling.

Because children with ADD naturally have a limited attention span, I keep my sessions simple and straightforward. I will teach your child how to slow down, think before they act, utilize their “stop-button” and use words instead of acting out. I will also teach you ways to help them at home. For instance, if your child has difficulty with transitions or time management, I will help you develop time frames for them to get their homework done or organize their things. In this way, we can work together to ensure your child lives joyfully, playfully and free of emotional stress.

As a child therapist, my goal is to help children learn how to adapt to living with ADD/ADHD. However, I also want to enrich the relationship between you and your child. I want to equip you with the skills to diffuse meltdowns, keep your child calm; and ensure they feel loved, understood and accepted for who they are. Having worked with kids in therapy for over 20 years now, I know there is nothing in this world like the bond between a parent and their child. By strengthening this bond, I believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.


You May Have Some Questions About ADD / ADHD Counseling…..

I Don’t Want My Child To Feel Something Is Wrong With Them.

Your child is coming to counseling to learn how to thrive. The last thing I want is to make them feel that they need to be “fixed.” Every child has their struggles—some of your child’s friends probably deal with ADD/ADHD, given how common it is. I want to help your child play to their strengths, learn to manage their stressors and feel happy about themselves and their relationships. Here, we won’t focus on what’s wrong; instead we focus on what’s right.

What Is Play Therapy And How Can It Help My Child?

Play Therapy gives your child a chance to express themselves through what they love most, be it art, crafts, toys or any activity that helps them de-stress and find happiness. Put simply, most children with ADD (and children in general) don’t exactly like sitting in a chair for 45 minutes. Play Therapy offers a healthy alternative to talk therapy that meets them on their own level.

What If My Child Doesn’t Want To Come To Counseling?

If your child is adamant about not coming, I’d recommend telling them about what they can do in their sessions. Here, they are free to be themselves in a way they can’t in school. Many children like to play with toys, fidgets, Play-Doh or do art projects (as many kids do!) ; they can do so openly without fear of judgement. Allowing for creativity and self-expression is the first step in helping children with ADD/ADHD. It allows them to learn how to adapt in their own time and in their own way.

Are You Ready For Your Child To Be Happy And Thrive Again?

If ADD/ADHD is holding your child back socially and academically, I can help them learn to cope, be successful, and—most importantly—feel happy again. What’s more, I can equip you with the skills to help them, ensuring your relationship is strengthened for years to come. To get started, you can call me at 631-2898765 for a free 20-minute phone consultation. You can also fill out the contact form.