Online Anxiety Treatment For Adults

Online Anxiety Treatment For Adults

Is Your Life Consumed With Constant Worry?

Are you feeling overrun with anxiety and you don’t know where to turn? Maybe it’s two in the morning and you’re staring at the ceiling with a million thoughts racing through your mind. Your only wish is that you could just turn off your mind and go to sleep, but you feel that’s impossible. Does it seem like fear is controlling your every move? Maybe you have trouble focusing and completing tasks because you’re overwhelmed with stress. Perhaps you feel like you’re constantly on edge, as if something bad is always about to happen. Or maybe you’re so worried of what others think of you that you’re always freezing up in social situations. 

Living with anxiety can affect every area of your life. You may be so stressed out that you can’t concentrate or manage time effectively, so you’re starting to let basic responsibilities at school, work or home slide. Perhaps you’re dealing with panic attacks and none of your coping skills and treatment efforts are helping you calm down anymore. In the end, your stress may cut into every aspect of your life, causing you to miss opportunities for growth and happiness.

If you feel like your life is consumed with constant worry, I encourage you to contact me. By working together, I am confident that you can learn new coping skills, establish fulfilling relationships and find peace and tranquility in the midst of your struggles.

Anxiety Is The Inevitable Result Of A Culture That Applauds Perfection

Imagine that it’s the night before you have to go back to work or school. You feel relaxed, at peace and able to get a good night’s sleep. You’re no longer as worried about other people judging you or viewing you negatively. What’s more, you’re feeling productive and you’re staying on top of your responsibilities. It’s not that you’ve erased anxiety, but you’ve found ways to effectively cope with it. Fear is no longer the driving factor in your life.

No matter how implausible this kind of life may seem, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with the right help and support. After all, anxiety is highly treatable. It is a universal struggle that affects millions of people, yet many of those same people have found relief.

Part of the reason anxiety is so common today is the ridiculously high standards our society places on us. We live in a workaholic culture that applauds perfection and rewards overachievers. Many of us face so much pressure to get ahead that we feel like we have no room to breathe.

On your own, anxiety can be incredibly isolating and overwhelming to work through. Because it’s fear-based, it isn’t logical—even the most intelligent people can get mired in it. That’s why it’s so difficult to navigate; and that’s why it’s so important to seek help.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Identify The Root Causes Of Your Stress

It’s often hard to talk about anxiety, because you can’t be sure what other people will think. In counseling sessions, I provide a safe, confidential environment where you can find acceptance and openly talk about what’s going on in your life without any fear of judgment. This is a time to exhale, to step away from all the demands and responsibilities in your life and just be yourself. My goal is to give you skills for managing your anxiety symptoms and help you understand that it’s okay to feel anxious—there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to be “fixed.” 

During the intake session, I will meet with you to talk about the challenges in your life and what your goals for therapy are. My approach is warm, relaxed and down-to-earth. I believe therapy is about a relationship, so there isn’t a lot of cognitive work or psycho education in my practice. The most important thing is human connection. I want to get to know you on a deeper level and give you the tools and skills to cope with anxiety in day-to-day life. 

Oftentimes, I teach mindfulness exercises like deep breathing and meditation to help reduce stress levels. These activities enable you to stay grounded and at peace even when things are hectic and uncertain. For long-term growth, I will help you identify the root causes of your anxiety in our sessions. This could mean looking at correlations between your personal history and your present struggles. After all, anxiety can often be tied back to trauma. There may be past relationships or events that, without you even realizing it, have impacted the stress responses you’ve developed in life. By understanding where these responses come from, you can improve your self-awareness and learn to address your anxiety at its root.

In the heat of the moment, anxiety often feels like it’s permanent or unconquerable. In reality, however, it’s often just a bump in the road—people with anxiety can still lead happy, fulfilling lives and find peace in the midst of their struggles. I want the same for you.


Can You Really Help Me?

Yes, I can help you help yourself! Together, I believe we can find ways to help you manage and adapt to anxiety on a daily basis. You don’t have to be caught in the same cycle of fear and dread all the time. I will teach you calming techniques and coping skills for overcoming anxiety and staying relaxed when life is stressful.



Should I Take Medication?

As a counselor, I do not prescribe medication for anxiety. Sometimes, however, medication can help you improve your daily mood and regulate harmful emotions. It can act as an extra tool in your toolbox. If you think that medication will help you, I would be happy to refer you to a doctor, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist who prescribes it. Doing so can even be part of your treatment plan. At the same time, though, medication is never the focus of anxiety counseling. In the beginning, we will focus on addressing your needs and goals and later on reevaluate whether pharmaceutical interventions would be helpful. 

Will I Always Feel This Way?

No, you don’t always have to remain stuck in the same patterns of fear and overwhelm. It may not be possible to eliminate anxiety, but you can live fully and abundantly despite it. The goal of therapy is simply to keep anxiety from interfering with your everyday life and inhibiting opportunities for growth. No matter how you are feeling now; therapy can help you find immediate and sustainable relief that changes your life for the better.

Find Peace And Tranquility In The Midst Of Your Struggles

If you’re tired of always living in a constant state of fear and dread, I would be honored to help you. I am confident that I can help you relax, de-stress, and live with confidence and assurance. To get started, you can call me at 631-2898765 for a 20-minute phone consultation or fill out the contact form on my website.