Online Anxiety Treatment For Teens

Online Anxiety Treatment For Teens

Does It Seem Like Fear Is Controlling Your Teen’s Life?

Is your teenager feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Does it seem like every Sunday night, they can’t get to sleep because they are so preoccupied with going to school the next day? Perhaps they are so anxious that they’re afraid to interact with their teachers and classmates. Or maybe they worry that they’ll fall behind academically or be rejected by their peers. 

The teenage years are a difficult time of life. Your child is probably dealing with stressors they’ve never encountered before. At times, they may seem restless, irritable or socially avoidant. They likely shy away from the spotlight for fear of being criticized or singled out. Perhaps they struggle with perfectionism and feel like they can’t make mistakes. From your perspective as a concerned parent, it probably seems like their life is being controlled by fear.

If you’ve noticed any signs of anxiety in your teen, I encourage you to reach out to me. By helping them explore their emotions and develop healthy coping skills, I believe your teen can find peace, joy and assurance in who they are.

Teens Face Constant Pressure From Peers, Academics, And Social Media

Imagine it’s a Sunday night and your teenager is excited for the school week ahead. They are brimming with confidence and thrilled to connect with all their friends. The school teachers are aware of your teen’s limitations and have made accommodations for their education. Your child is able to succeed academically, socially and in every area of their life. 

Although this kind of life may seem unrealistic, I can assure you that it isn’t. Many teenagers struggle with anxiety in one form or another. In many ways, being anxious is simply the normal baseline for a teen’s mental health nowadays. They face more pressure than ever before. Academically, they are expected to have it all together and know what they want to do in life. On social media, they face unrealistic expectations to be happy, flawless and popular. And with their peers, they often have to deal with the fear of rejection or not fitting in.

In spite of how common anxiety problems are, many teens are still able to find relief from their difficulties and achieve their hopes and dreams. In the same way, stress doesn’t have to hold your teen back in life. With me, they have a chance to step away from all the pressure outside, increase their self-esteem and think about what they want to accomplish in life.

Anxiety Treatment Is A Chance For Teens To Be Their True Selves And Find Acceptance

Let’s face it: it’s probably hard for your teen to talk about anxiety. They may feel like other people will view them as weak or won’t accept them if they’re honest about it. Thankfully, in anxiety therapy, your teenager will have a chance to speak openly about what’s going on in their lives without being lectured, judged or told how to behave. Here, they are free to explore the full range of their feelings and find acceptance for who they are. My goal is to break down the barriers of fear and make counseling a space where they can be their true selves.

What’s more, therapy with me isn’t just sitting in an office and discussing thoughts and feelings. It’s also fun. They can use drawing or creative writing to express themselves during sessions. I firmly believe that in order for teens to get the most out of therapy, it’s important to include their hobbies and passions. After all, the goal is not just to alleviate their anxiety difficulties, but also to help them tap into their true identity. 

The path that counseling takes looks different for each teen. During the intake process, I will typically provide a combination of sessions: one with your teen alone and one with you and your teen together. If your teen is older, however, I may simply meet with them alone. It all depends on what their desires are and what they feel comfortable with.

In subsequent sessions, your child will explore their view of the world and how they see themselves in it. I will help them recognize how anxiety affects their life and empower them to come up with solutions on their own. Most importantly, I want them to know that I’m not the expert on their life—they are. They know themselves better than anyone. That’s why I want to help them deepen their creativity and develop coping skills uniquely suited to their situation.

One of my main goals in anxiety counseling is to help your teen learn how to relax. I often utilize deep breathing and other mindfulness techniques to help them stay grounded when stress hits. In the end, however, I want the strategies they learn and apply here to be their strategies, not mine. I also want to help them identify two things: what brings them ultimate comfort and what they can do in practical terms to bring themselves to a place of ultimate comfort. When they have figured that out, everything else in the healing process usually falls right into place.

As frustrating as anxiety can be, there are numerous pathways for adapting and healing. By equipping your teen with the right tools and techniques, I believe I can empower them to overcome their anxiety challenges and pursue their hopes and dreams.

You may have some questions and concerns about anxiety treatment for teens….

My Teen Doesn’t Want to Come For Therapy.

It’s natural for teens to feel nervous about counseling. Thankfully, my approach is warm, down-to-earth and anything but clinical. Here, your teen has a chance to say whatever is on their mind and to create solutions that speak to who they are and what they need to be happy and successful. My role is to simply help them jumpstart their own adapting process. 


How Can I Help My Teen With Social Anxiety?

I encourage you to provide your child with an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and compassion. Sometimes the best you can do is listen to them. By letting your teenager know that you’re there for them, they will feel like they have someone to confide in about their anxiety. Having someone to talk to in social settings outside of therapy is crucial for adapting and dealing with anxiety, since it ensures your teen has someone they feel confident and relaxed around. 

How can We Work With The School To Help My Teen With Anxiety?

I can help coordinate with the school to make sure the teachers are informed about your child’s struggles. I can also arrange for your teen to meet with a guidance counselor or school social worker if they’re feeling stressed. Ultimately, I would be more than happy to work with the school. After all, we want to ensure your teen finds healing in every area of life. That includes the time they spend at school.  


Help Your Teen Become More Comfortable In Their Own Skin

If social and academic pressures have gotten to your teen and their life seems dominated by stress, I would be honored to help. With the right coping skills and a fresher perspective, they can free themselves from the shadow of anxiety and achieve their hopes and dreams. To get started, you can call me at 631-289-8765 for a free 20-minute phone consultation or fill out the contact form.