Online Play Therapy for Kids

Online Play Therapy for Kids

Do You Wish You Could Provide More Emotional Support For Your Child?

Is your child having trouble adjusting to all the challenges in their life? Are they dealing with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism or a physical disability? Perhaps you wish you could assist them better, but you’re not sure where to turn for help. You might be having a difficult time finding the right resources to assist them emotionally and socially. As a result, your young one might be discouraged and lonely, suffering from meltdowns because they are having a hard time, in school, with friends or in the community. There are not many fun activities or play dates to keep them busy after school or on the weekends.


As much as you wish your child could see a therapist, doing so may be impractical right now. Maybe traveling is inconvenient due to their difficulties or your schedule is too busy to drive to and from an office each week for your youngster to have an in person appointment. Perhaps they have a medical condition that makes going to sessions in person not safe for them. What’s more, if your child has a physical disability, mobility issues could affect their ability to access an office in the first place.

Even, so your youngster may be struggling with isolation and uncertainty, missing out on social events and being with their peers. If this is the case, I encourage you to connect with me. My online Play Therapy sessions are safe, convenient and fun. It is a time where kids who are elementary school age can be themselves without any fear of being judged and learn new skills for achieving social and academic success.

Many Kids Have Been Successful In Online Play Therapy

Imagine your child is feeling like themselves again. They have tried online counseling and found new ways to adjust and adapt to their situation. They’re not suffering from as many meltdowns and they’re no longer burdened by excessive anxiety. Additionally, they’ve made new friends and have a supportive home where there is harmony between the family members. There is an ease about their life now-a sense of deep joy, serenity and playfulness. They feel free, uninhibited by sadness and stress.

No matter how discouraged your young one may feel, this life can be theirs with the right help and support. Many kids have adjusted to online counseling; and I believe your child can, too. With how much the last couple of years has shaken up mental health services, the popularity of online Play Therapy for children is only growing. It is a chance for kids to engage in therapy from their bedroom, their family room or whatever they feel relaxed. And since kids generally like technology, it’s  less of an adjustment for them than it is for many adults.

If you have a youngster who is in elementary school and is struggling with anxiety, autism, a physical disability or ADD/ADHD I would be honored to help them. Online Play Therapy is a safe, secure and convenient way for children to find support in our stressful and uncertain world.

Online Counseling Is A Chance For kids To Relax, Unwind And Have Fun

Let’s be honest: most kids don’t like sitting around and talking for long stretches of time. The idea of going to counseling may seem boring to them. Thankfully, my approach to the healing process is anything but dull. In addition to learning new life skills, I want your child to have fun. They are encouraged to explore and express themselves through art and crafts, playing with toys, games and whatever helps them find joy and fulfillment. Play Therapy is interactive and keeps kids busy as we talk together. One of the central features I provided for each child is a Play Therapy bag. This bag is full of art supplies, toys, books and fun surprises. The bag is available for parents to pick up at my office. What is in the Play Therapy bag to some extent depends on what your child enjoys-I want to provide a bag that is customized to your child’s needs. Each week I will plan different activities that will include different supplies from your child’s bag.

Before I meet with your youngster, I will have you fill out paperwork through my client portal.  Afterwards, you and I will have a one-on-one session to discuss your child’s needs and your concerns. This first meeting is an opportunity for me to learn more about your youngster’s background, educational history and about your family life. I will also explain how I work as a therapist and how I structure each therapy session.   If your child is struggling with ADD/ADHD or autism for instance, it’s important for me to know if they’re in a general education class, an inclusion class or a self-contained class. Additionally, I want to know if there are any extra resources and support you want for your child. If they need an Individualized Educational Plan or a 504 Plan (both of which are designed to provide accommodations in school), you and I can collaborate with the school to create one. And if they have a physical disability, we can explore ways to widen their support system and improve their means of accessibility.

All my sessions with your young one will be held on a video call. The platform I use is 100-percent secure and compliant with HIPAA-privacy laws. The system is just like FaceTime, is easy to use and requires no downloads to use it. For all video calls a cellphone, tablet or a computer can be used.

In our sessions, I want to help your youngster explore and express their feelings about what is happening at home, in school and with friends. I will assist them in learning new skills for adapting, coping and regulating their emotions. Play Therapy gives kids the opportunity to play out their challenges in daily life without having to use words directly. Play is a universal language for every child. I encourage your child to find a quiet, cozy and private space where they can relax. If they need sensory tools (toys) or a special stuffed animal to help them stay calm, they are more than welcome to use them during therapy.

While my sessions with your young one are confidential, I require that you are home (or in the same location as your child) during their sessions.  And although I can’t disclose what they tell me word for word I will discuss general themes of our work. We will meet on a regular basis so I can update you on their progress and I can be updated on their week at home and in school. I want to help you manage their struggles and support them. After all, you are with your child more than anyone, so it’s essential that you play an important role in their healing process.

Online counseling is fun, playful and relaxing. My goal is to make our sessions a time that your youngster looks forward to. After all, they have enough requirements to deal with in school. This is a chance for them to let loose and be themselves. Most importantly, it’s a chance for them to learn new skills and strategies that will last for years to come. I want them to succeed socially, academically and in every aspect of their lives.

You May Have Some Questions About Online Play Therapy For Kids….

Can Online Counseling and Play Therapy Really Help My Child?

Absolutely! Online counseling is convenient and easy-to-use for many children since most of them love technology. My approach to virtual counseling is the same as it is for in-person sessions-I want to help kids learn social skills, calming strategies and new ways to adapt to everyday problems. What’s more, bringing the playroom to them gives them the opportunity to enjoy themselves during our time together. I want kids to be kids, rather than hiding their playfulness as they might do in other social situations.


Will My Child’s Privacy Be Protected?

Yes, the platform (system) I use is 100-percent HIPAA compliant, which ensures total confidentiality. As for your child, they can use earbuds or a headset if they’re worried about others overhearing our conversations. It’s also important for them to find a place away from other people. After all, while it is important for you to be protective of your child’s privacy, it’s equally vital to respect their privacy.


Is Online Play Therapy For Kids Covered By Insurance?

Thankfully, most insurance companies cover-and even encourage-online treatment. Before meeting with your child, I will check to make sure that your plan covers the cost of online therapy. If not, you can choose to pay privately or I would be happy to direct you to other resources.

Let Me Help You Support Your Child

If you wish your young one had someone to talk about their struggles, I would be honored to be that person. My approach to online Play Therapy is playful, convenient and focused on building new skills. To contact me, you can call 631-289-8765 for a free 20-minute phone consultation or fill out the contact form online.