Online Therapy for Teens

Online Therapy for Teens

Does Your Teenager Wish They Had Someone To Talk To?

Do you have a teenager who’s feeling stressed and hopeless? Are they dealing with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism or a physical disability? Maybe you’ve run out of ideas on how to help them and traditional therapy seems impractical. In the wake of COVID-19, perhaps they don’t have the same social outlets that they used to, so they’re feeling lonely and isolated. 

Being a teenager in today’s world is hard. In a society where so much communication is done digitally, your teen may not have the emotional support they need. Because of the pandemic, their social and academic routine may be completely thrown off, as they’re not able to see all their friends and loved ones as often. Left to their own devices, it’s no wonder their mental health is suffering. 

As much as you wish they could see a therapist, there may be barriers that prevent them from doing so. Health concerns could make going to an office off-limits. If they have a physical disability, getting help may require transportation that they can’t access. And if they have social anxiety, perhaps they fear that others will see them in the waiting room or judge them for going to therapy.

Nonetheless, it’s vital for your teenager to make room for self-care in their life. That’s what I’m here for. My approach to online therapy offers comfort, privacy and a nurturing environment for your teen to explore their identity and come up with new skills and strategies for navigating the teenage years. 

Online Therapy Is The Way Of The Future And Is More Accessible For Tech-Savvy Teens

Imagine that your teenager has tried online counseling and is finally getting the support they deserve. They have a private, secure atmosphere in which to share their sorrows in and they’re able to slow down when they feel stressed. There is a general ease about their life now—everyday problems don’t weigh on them as heavily and they’ve developed new coping skills and calming strategies. If they have a physical disability, they have found new ways to work around their barriers and adapt to daily challenges. 

If this is the kind of life you want for your teen, I can assure you that it doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. Online therapy provides an easy, convenient way for your teenager to find relief and talk about what’s going on in their life. Millions of adolescents have benefited from it, and in the wake of the pandemic, that number is only growing. Virtual therapy is the way of the future.

What’s more, teenagers are generally very tech-savvy, so engaging in online counseling is easier for them than it is for most adults. They get to be in their natural element, too, as they can meet with me from wherever they feel comfortable. In our sessions, they don’t have to keep their guard up. They are free to be themselves in ways they can’t in the outside world. 

Online Therapy Is A Safe, Secure Way For Teens To Share Their Joys And Frustrations

The teen years are a hectic time of life. Many teenagers face insurmountable pressure to have it all together at a young age. In online therapy with me, your teen doesn’t need to have it all together. They will have a safe, secure environment in which to vent their frustrations, share their joys, and learn new coping skills. They don’t have to hold anything back. And if they are artistically inclined, they are more than welcome to draw or paint while we talk. This is their time, so I am open to whatever helps them get settled in.

In the beginning, I will generally have a session with both you and your teen together. If your teenager has certain social or developmental difficulties you want to talk about, however, I may have a one-on-one session with you. Even though I will meet with your teenager alone from that point on, I will make sure that you still play a vital role in your teen’s healing process. For instance, if they are having academic trouble, you and I can help you work with their school to come up with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan for them. Or if they have a physical disability, I can help you find ways to bolster their physical support system and provide them with new means of accessibility. My goal is to give you whatever resources you need for your teen.

Getting started is simple and straightforward and there is some paperwork. Before the first online session with you and your teen, I will have you fill out the required paperwork electronically through my client portal. Once that is out of the way, I will continue to meet with your teen by video-conferencing through a platform that is similar to Zoom and Face Time. It’s important to know that my platform is 100-percent secure, ensuring that there is no breach of your teen’s privacy.

On your teen’s end, I recommend they find a private, comfortable space where they won’t get distracted or have to worry about other people listening in. If they’re nervous about confidentiality, they may want to wear ear buds so no one can overhear their conversations with me. After all, guaranteeing their safety and comfort is my first priority. 

Studies have repeatedly shown that online therapy is a great alternative to in-person therapy. It is effective, convenient and removes many of the barriers that make in-person sessions impractical. Whether your teenager is struggling with anxiety, ADD, autism or a physical disability, I am confident that my approach to online therapy can help them.

You May Have Some Questions About Online Therapy For Teens…

Does Online Therapy Work?

Although some teens may be skeptical of doing therapy online, most of them quickly come to love it and find it more comfortable than in-person therapy. Virtual counseling can help your teen gain the self-awareness, strength and skills needed to find both immediate relief as well as long-term healing. 


Is Online Therapy For Teens Confidential? 

Just like traditional in-office visits, what we discuss in sessions is completely confidential. Furthermore, I use a 100-percent HIPAA-compliant platform, so there is no risk of anyone getting your teen’s information. And because there’s no chance of your teen encountering someone in the waiting room or on the street as they enter my office, online therapy allows for even greater privacy than in-person therapy.


Does Insurance Pay For Online Therapy?

Most insurance plans are encouraging online treatment and will pay for it just like an in office visit in the wake of COVID-19. During the initial phone consultation, I will check to make sure that your insurance plan covers your teenager’s online treatment. If not, I will happily direct you to other resources.


Let Me Help Your Teen Carry Their Burdens And Adapt To Their Challenges

If your teenager feels like no one can understand them or empathize with their struggles, I would be honored to support them. To help them begin their journey of healing and empowerment, you can call me at 631-289-8765 for a free 20-minute phone consultation or you can fill out the online contact form for your first appointment.