Parenting Services

Parenting Services

It is extremely important to me when a child enters treatment, I speak with or meet couples, single parents or legal guardians on a regular basis. We work together to develop strategies to assist their child to negotiate the problems he or she encounters at home, at school and in the community.

The Benefits of Parenting Services:

  • Giving parents private time to speak about their child
  • Helping them to strengthen the relationship with their youngster
  • Assist them in deciding what parenting strategies will be beneficial
  • Helping parents work together as a team & support each other
  • Assist single parents or guardians to develop a support system

Special areas of concern for Parent / Guardians:

  • Working with school systems (helping with communication if needed)
  • Working with medical providers (helping to coordinate care if needed)
  • Working with Family Court (speaking with Law Guardians if needed)
  • Working with Child Protective Services (helping with communication if needed)
  • Working with Community Agencies