Online Therapy For Adults With Physical Disabilities

Online Therapy For Adults With Physical Disabilities

Does Your Physical Disability Make You Feel Different From Everyone Else?

Do you feel isolated and overwhelmed because of your physical disability? Maybe every morning, you wake up dreading all the challenges you have to deal with. Perhaps there are so many extra steps you have to take to adjust to daily life that it’s a hassle just to go about your day. Although you may have a typical cognitive life, your physical struggles could make you feel lonely and disconnected from others. The things that are easy for everyone else may be a daunting challenge to you. 

Whether you’re sight-impaired or need a chair, crutches or a walker to get around, managing a physical disability isn’t easy. There are extra accommodations you need and extra barriers that neuro-typical people don’t have to deal with. Some places may not be accessible to you and certain mundane tasks may be unachievable. You may need support staff to help you transport yourself and go about your day.

Although the barriers you face may be physical in nature, living with a disability can have a profound effect on your psyche. That’s why it’s so vital to seek help. With my support, I am confident that I can help you advocate for yourself, work around your barriers and find peace in the midst of your struggles. As someone who has a physical disability myself, I believe I can empathize with your experience in a special way. 


Physically Challenged People Face Struggles That Other People Don’t

Imagine that it’s a Monday morning. You get up and you feel confident about the day ahead of you. You have loving friends who care about you deeply and support staff that can help you negotiate any barriers in your life. Your health doesn’t get in the way of your independence, and you’re able to thrive at work or school or wherever your current responsibilities take you. 

No matter what your challenges are, they don’t have to hold you back. There are millions of adults with physical disabilities—many of whom have found ways to cope, adapt and live happy, fulfilling lives. The mainstream world may not act like people with physical disabilities are common, but we’re everywhere, and the awareness around us is growing all the time.

Even so, life with a disability is isolating in itself. There are struggles you have to face that non-disabled people simply can’t relate to. That’s why it’s so important to get help from someone who can identify with your pain and empathize with your sorrows. Just as I had to adapt to my challenges, I want to help you adapt to yours. 

Therapy For Adults With Physical Disabilities Can Help You Find New Ways To Adapt

When you have a physical disability, people without one may pity you or talk down to you. Even when they’re trying to be kind, they may come across as condescending and belittling. I know how it feels to be pitied rather than accepted and that’s why I’ll accept you for who you are. Here, you can share your intimate struggles without any reservation. My sessions provide a safe space to express your feelings and explore how living with a disability has impacted your life—both growing up and right now.

In the beginning, I want to ensure that your needs of accessibility are met. For me, accessibility is not a secondary matter—it’s an integral part of the healing process. Since all my sessions are online, you may find it’s easier to get comfortable and adjust to the therapeutic process. Being able to engage in therapy wherever you want has serious advantages if you have a physical disability. 

As we work together, I will help you come up with new ways to adapt to your struggles. You will learn to advocate for yourself, negotiate your barriers and find creative ways to succeed. Additionally, I want to make sure you have a strong support network when you need assistance. I can help you can coordinate with your college or workplace to devise new accommodations so that you can go about your day with more ease and assurance. 

One of my biggest goals in counseling is to help you see your disability in a new light. I want you to understand that your disability can be an asset. For instance, as someone with Cerebral Palsy, my speech is slower than usual and my voice is very soft. In counseling, this works to my advantage, since it allows me to be gentler and more comforting to my clients. Similarly, I want you to explore how you can use your disability to your advantage. In the simplest of terms, maybe your disability allows you to relate to people who are suffering on a deeper level. You may have knowledge and compassion that neuro-typical people don’t.

By learning to view your disability in a different light and finding new ways to adapt, I am confident that you can thrive in spite of your struggles. I have had to weather my own storms and I want to help you weather yours. No one can heal in isolation; and that’s why I want to be someone you can lean on, pour out your heart to and find acceptance with. 


Can You Truly Understand And Relate To My Situation?

My answer is an emphatic yes! As a person with Cerebral Palsy, I have had to make adapting a way of life. I may not have the same disability as you or share all of your struggles, but I understand what it’s like to feel different, abnormal, isolated and left out. At the same time, I also know what it’s like to live with happiness, assurance and fulfillment; and that’s why I want the same for you.


How Can I Use accommodations To Help Myself Succeed?

Accommodations are a vital way to level the playing field for those with physical disabilities. Whether you’re in college, grad school or the workplace, I want to help you come up with new means of assistance. This way, you don’t have to worry about all the extra little adjustments you have to make—you can simply focus on succeeding and fulfilling your dreams without any added baggage.

Is your practice accessible to my needs?

One of the first things I’ll do with you is discuss any accommodations you need for therapy. As I mentioned above, however, online counseling enables you to navigate this issue more easily. On your end, I simply recommend finding a quiet, private space where it won’t be challenging for you to video-conference with me. 


Learn To Work Around Your Barriers And Find Creative Ways To Succeed

If you’re an adult who feels lonely and overwhelmed by life with a physical disability, my practice offers warmth, acceptance and accessibility. To begin your journey, you can call me at 631-2898765 for a free 20-minute phone consultation or use my contact form.